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4 Oct 2022 • 3 min read

The Gear I Use: Work From Anywhere using the XReal Air AR Glasses

From ergonomic benefits to a virtual triple monitor setup, learn how you can make remote work a reality with the XReal Air AR glasses.

The world of remote work has taken off in the past decade. With the rise of remote work, more and more people are looking for ways to make their work life easier and more efficient. As a full-stack software developer, I often find myself working from different locations around the world. To make remote software development a reality, I needed tools that could match my flexibility. That’s where the XReal Air AR glasses came into play.

The XReal Air AR glasses are lightweight and portable devices that feature high-quality stereoscopic displays with a 1080p resolution for each eye. The bright and clear displays make working a breeze, no matter where I am in the world. With their help, I can easily access a virtual triple monitor setup that fits right in my pocket - perfect for when I’m on the go. Not just great for productivity, they’re also excellent for watching movies or playing games connected to my iPhone.

XReal Air Glasses

When I first put on the XReal Air AR glasses, it felt like I was thrown into the future. The FOV is narrower than what I’m used to with VR headsets but this works in Xreal’s favor since it means a higher pixel density and things are very clear - much clearer than what you’d get from 1080p screens. Text is totally readable and there is no screen door effect like with my Quest 2 VR headset. Comfort wise, these glasses are light so you don’t feel weighed down while wearing them, however the nose pads could be softer or made out of memory foam instead of silicon so they don’t become uncomfortable after longer periods of use.

To make use of these glasses, I mainly use them with my Macbook Pro M1 and iPad Pro. When connected to an iPad Pro, it acts like you just plugged in an external monitor - it mirrors the screen and if you go to watch a video it’ll throw the video to the glasses. However, when connected to my Macbook Pro, this is where XReal’s Nebula software really shines - it tricks your Macbook into putting 3 virtual screens in space above your actual Macbook so you can look left and right and see two other additional screens for maximum productivity.

In conclusion, XReal Air AR glasses have made remote software development much easier and more efficient for me. They’re lightweight and portable which makes them easy to carry around wherever I go. They provide bright and clear displays that are great for watching movies or playing games connected to my iPhone as well as getting work done in an ergonomic way with their virtual triple monitor setup when connected to my Macbook Pro M1. If you’re looking for tools to help you make remote software development a reality, then these glasses are definitely worth considering.


NReal has been updated to XReal as the company has since changed their name.


This post and product review are not sponsored (though I’m not against it in the future, cough, cough, wink). The opinions expressed are truthful and solely of mine and nothing expressed here was directed by anyone else.


Image of XReal Air AR Glasses

XReal Air AR Glasses

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

The XReal Air AR Glasses are a game-changer for remote professionals. Lightweight and portable, they effortlessly travel with you. The high-resolution stereoscopic displays provide crystal clear visuals whether you're working or enjoying media. Its virtual triple monitor setup boosts productivity, especially when paired with XReal's Nebula software on a MacBook. Connecting to an iPhone or iPad is a breeze, expanding your digital workspace wherever you are. Although comfortable for extended wear, softer nose pads could enhance comfort. Overall, the XReal Air AR Glasses are a substantial investment for anyone looking to upgrade their remote work setup.

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