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17 Jan 2022 • 3 min read

Life - Social Media Hiatus: Regularly Purging My Life Of Unnecessary Distractions

In recent years, taking a social media hiatus has become an increasingly popular trend. As life becomes more chaotic with the rise of technology, people are looking for ways to disconnect from the world and escape from digital noise. This is especially true for those who feel overwhelmed by their online presence or are looking to reduce distractions in their everyday lives.

A social media hiatus is exactly what it sounds like: taking an intentional break from all forms of social media, either temporarily or permanently. It may involve deleting apps from your devices, logging out of accounts, or even going so far as to delete your accounts altogether. Depending on your goals and personal preferences, you can choose to take a complete break or just limit your daily usage of certain platforms.

Taking a break from social media can be beneficial in many ways. For starters, it gives you time away from the constant bombardment of notifications and updates that can be overwhelming and distracting. It also provides an opportunity to reset and refocus on other aspects of life that have been neglected due to excessive screen time. Finally, it gives you a chance to reassess how much time and energy you’ve been investing in online activities that don’t necessarily benefit your life in any meaningful way.

The key to successfully taking a social media hiatus is setting realistic expectations and creating boundaries around how much time you’ll spend online each day (if any). Setting clear goals will help keep you motivated during the process and make sure you don’t get sucked back into the same habits once the hiatus ends. Here are some tips for doing this effectively:

  1. Determine why you want to take a break: Take some time to think about why you want to disconnect from social media – what do you hope to gain by doing so? Is it more freedom? Less distraction? More focus? Knowing exactly why will help keep the process focused and structured throughout its duration.

  2. Set clear boundaries: Before beginning your break, set realistic expectations for yourself about how much (or little) time on social media is acceptable each day/week/month during this period of hiatus. Be strict with yourself when sticking with these limits – if needed, use an app or website blocker such as Freedom or Cold Turkey Blocker for greater accountability purposes.

  3. Find alternatives: Taking a break doesn’t mean having nothing else in its place – look for ways to fill up this newfound free time instead! Investing this extra energy into hobbies or activities that bring joy can be extremely rewarding while still providing needed balance away from digital devices. Examples could include reading books, starting an art project, learning something new through courses or classes offered at local colleges/universities, listening to podcasts/audiobooks during your commute…the possibilities are endless!

  4. Make permanent changes: Once your hiatus ends (whether after one week or six months), try not fall back into old habits right away – use this opportunity as an opportunity reflect on what worked well during the process and how it has impacted other areas of life positively (or negatively). From hereon out make conscious decisions about which apps/websites bring value versus those that don’t serve any real purpose; purge anything unnecessary from both devices/accounts regularly and keep only that which brings true value into one’s life!

Taking regular breaks from social media isn’t always easy but it’s worth considering if feeling overwhelmed by digital noise is becoming too common occurrence in everyday life - remember that less is sometimes more when it comes living well-balanced lives!

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