I'm a believer of full transparency, especially in tech. So I felt that it was important for me to openly share my stats for this site, whether good or bad; and I encourage others to do the same. I'm certainly not the most active blogger by any means.

Total Pages On Site 209
Total Posts Published 48
-- Blog Posts 32
-- Articles 7
-- Press Releases 9
Total Words Written 77,015 (that's more than 1 novella 😮)
Total Minutes Written 385m (6h25m8s)
Average Words per Post 1,604
Average Minutes per Post 8m
First Post Published Cracking Ethernet’s MTU Mystery
Published on 2021-08-17
Latest Post Published Ollama Unleashed: The DIY LLM Powerhouse on Your Local Machine
Published on 2024-05-11
Longest Post Published Coding Across Borders: My Syntax-Agnostic Adventure in Tech
With 4923 words (24 minutes)

Posts Per Year

Chart of posts per year
Year Number of Posts
2024 10
2023 12
2022 8
2021 9
2020 0

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This page was heavily inspired by and modified from Luke Wild's /Stats Page. Though my version uses no JavaScript for the chart ;).