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Making Waves In Tech Industry From A 65' Motor Yacht


Dillon Baird, a highly-skilled full-stack software engineer, UI/UX engineer, systems architect, graphic designer, security researcher, embedded systems engineer and consultant with over 15 years of experience has found a way to combine his two passions; technology and boating. He is able to work remotely while living aboard his 65’ motor yacht (M/Y Antigua).

Baird is adept in all stages of advanced software development and highly effective design. Using multiple Starlink connections bonded together to achieve the internet speeds needed for remote software development. He is able to stay connected no matter where he travels. Despite not attending college other than a few classes, he has been recognized for his work by his peers in the industry.

“I love being able to combine my two passions; technology and boating! I can explore new places all around the world while still being able to work effectively from anywhere I am. Since working onboard, I’ve began working on some side passion projects related to boating that I’ll be soon to release” said Baird.

He is passionate about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and digital accessibility; clean code; elegant design; immersive user experiences; and embedding these core principals into all of his work.From growing up in Santa Cruz CA., attending high school in Desert Hot Springs CA., before settling down in San Diego CA., Baird has loved his career path and continues to grow and expand his skillsets every day while traveling on the sea.

Follow Dillon’s journey through remote software development on M/Y Antigua at as he continues making waves across the technology industry throughout different ports of call around the globe!

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