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Ah, the Internet of Things (IoT)! A realm where your fridge chats with your grocery store and traffic lights gossip with GPS systems to streamline your commute. But lurking behind these conveniences is a less talked about, somewhat sneaky phenomenon: The Shadow IoT. As someone who’s spent decades probing, testing, and sometimes breaking into systems (ethically, of course), I’ve seen firsthand how the rapid proliferation of IoT devices has reshaped the cybersecurity landscape.

It’s no surprise that many people today place a high priority on security. In light of the increasing number of data breaches and cyberattacks, it’s no wonder so many people worry about protecting their information. As it turns out, there are still some misconceptions about what “secure” really means. Despite the obvious need for improved security, many people still don’t understand what it takes to achieve true safety, leaving them vulnerable to malicious activity.

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